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Welcome to the Z-Store! Here you will spend your Zenni and exchange it for items and other things to aid you in your journey! When you want to buy something, you will add it on your page that you spent Zenni for this item. Then it must be approved by a mod!


All the weapons are Ki charged, so that means they are able to bypass the basic durability of Ki using warriors. If you wish to have your own kind of weapon, message the mods with your proposal and we may add it into the list.

  • Knives - 200 Zenni ea
  • Battle Axes - 300 Zenni ea
  • Large Hammers - 300 Zenni ea
  • Spear - 300 Zenni ea
  • Bow & Arrow - 300 Zenni ea
  • Set of Throwing Knives - 300 Zenni ea
  • Staff - 200 Zenni ea
  • Long-Sword - 500 Zenni ea
  • Katana - 500 Zenni ea
  • Sword - 500 Zenni ea
  • Bladed Whip - 300 Zenni ea
  • Dual Swords - 500 Zenni ea
  • Brass Knuckles - 200 Zenni ea


Armor is used to buffer and survive attacks they normally wouldn't be able to. It's always good to state you are wearing armor in the beginning of a Quest or a Fight.

  • Helmet: Provides moderate proection to the user's head - 600 Zenni ea
  • Light Armor: A light armor covering the user. Though it can be punched through rather easily, weaker slicing attacks can be defended against - 1,000 Zenni ea
  • Shield: Primarily used to deflect thrown or fired equipment, a shield can also provide decent protection against moderate attacks - 700 Zenni ea
  • Medium Armor: A heavier armor that reduces the severity of some moderate level attacks - 1,200 Zenni ea
  • Heavy Armor: Provides good amounts of protection from moderate level attacks - 1,400 Zenni ea

Outside Aid

Outside Aid includes restoration equipment and pets.

  • Ki Restores: Restores KP equal to the amount of RUs the user has times 10 (One time use) - 5,000 Zenni ea
  • Health Restores: Restores HP equal to the amount of RUs the user has times (One time use) 10 - 5,000 Zenni ea
  • Senzu Bean: Completely resotres HP and KP (One time use) - 10,000 Zenni ea