Dragon Ball Legacy Wiki

Welcome to the Dragonball Z Legacy RP! Here you get to create your own DBZ character and interact with others! But first, if you are new, you have to submit your character to be approved to the mods! This is to make sure you dont take any absurdley over-powered abilities, or have a storyline that doesn't quite fit with the real storyline!

Creating Your Character

First you must create your character!



When creating your character, be sure to be descriptive on appearence, abilities and race! You will start at level 3, and will be provided 34 stat points and one rank upgrade. You must then choose your race to determine your perks and abilities. Finally, you have to determine your super moves and abilities.

Go here to learn about stats and rank ups.

Go here to learn about races.

Go here to learn about Super Moves.

You are allowed to have max 2 characters. But if you do so, you must make a seperate account for the character, and they may not interact with each other. For example, they cannot be in the same RP or Quest at the same time.

Developing Your Character

Now that your character is made, you will notice that you start off as just a beginner! How will you be able to ascend into an ultimate warrior? 

Right now, you have 0 EXP. Experience Points are gained from doing the following.

Roleplays - 1-2 EXP, 100 Zenni

Fights- 1-3 EXP, 100-300 Zenni

Quests- 4-5 EXP, 400-500 Zenni

Assaults- 5-6 EXP, 500-600 Zenni

The Experience Points are granted by a mod. When you are done with a certain roleplay, a Mod will com in and grant you the EXP Points and Zenni, the same thing with Fights. Quests and Assaults are a seperate kind of roleplay with a purpose, such as saving a city or finding a scroll. What happens in a quest or assault it determined by the mod overseeing it. Quests have a maximum of 4 people, and Assaults are 5+ People.

Once you get 10 EXP, you will level up. For every level you get, you will get Stat Points and another ability. Everytime you level up however, you must have the mod approve your character again. You can get a maximum of 20 EXP per week, 2 levels per week. The maximum level you can get is level 40.

Zenni is the currency in DBZ Legacy. Zenni can be used to buy items for your character to equip. Items can be bought in the Armory. Zenni can also be used to change abilities after they have been approved.

Now that you have completed making your character, you may RP once it is approved! Why don't you check out the plot so far here, or look into what the other races are getting into here .