This page governs both Temporary Transformations and Permanent Transformations. In order to obtain each transformation, one must spend a RU on that certain transformation. For example: Spending your Rookie RU on Kaioken x 50.

Transformations are transformations that boost your Strength, Speed and Ki Power, making you overall more powerful. Transformations are organized by Tiers, and Tiers are limited by Rank Up.

Tiers 1 2 3
Rank Ups Adept Master Supreme

Depending on the race and type of transformation, they go in a line. For example, SSJ1 goes to SSJ2 to SSJ3 and so on and so forth. You cannot skip ahead into a tier of a line. For example, if you are a Golden Great Ape, you cannot skip ahead to SSJ3. You must start from SSJ1 and go on. For more details on the transformation lines, please go the Races page and look at your specific race to see what type of transformation you can obtain.

Temporary Transformations

A temporary transformation is a transformation that costs Ki to maintain. Most transformations fall under this category. Each player can have up to 5 temporary transformations in total. 

Tier 1 2 3
Ki Cost 20 30 40
Boost +3 +6 +9

A tier of transformation will all have the same power. For example, Super Saiyan which is a Tier 1 transformation will have the same power as Kaioken x 1,000 which is also a Tier 1 transformation.

Permanent Transformations

Permanent Transformations may be obtained in a tree, or separate ones can be taken. They have no ki cost, and can stack with Temporary Transformations.

Tier 1 3
Boost +2 +6
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