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This page governs Super Moves and their creation. Super Moves are moves that require ki to activate and use! There are two types of Super Moves, those are damaging and non-damaging super moves.


There are two kind of damaging super moves, long range and close range. Long Range super moves (such as the Kamehameha and the Final Flash) base their speed and power on the user's Ki Power. Close Range super moves (such as Change the Future and Eraser Blow) base their speed and power on the user's Strength. Super Moves can be custom made, but they must follow this template.

Type Ki Power/Strength Ki Cost Damage Capability
Basic  5 10-20 20-30 Can Destroy Cities
Standard 10 30-40 50-60 Can Destroy the Moon
Super 15 50-60 60-70 Can Destroy Planets
Supreme 20 80-100 100-150 Can Destroy Solar Systems
Ultimate 30 150-200 200-300 Can Destroy Galaxies

Long Range attacks can be controlled and redirected if the user has the proper ki power.

If they do not have the proper ki power or strength to use the move they are currently using, they cannot control it. It also may weaken or dissipate completely. More then one super move cannot be done at a time.


Non-Damaging Ki Moves come in all kinds of varieties. But the different types must be taken under their respective Rank Ups. For example: Healing comes under the Healing RU.