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This page covers the mechanics of special weapons and equipment. All custom made Weapons and Equipment will have to be approved by the mods before used, like Super moves.

Special Weapons & Equipment.

Special Weapons can only be obtained if one takes the Special Weapons Rank Upgrade. Likewise, Special Equipment can only be taken if one takes the Special Equipment Rank Upgrade. Once the proper rank upgrades have been taken, you may spend a level to obtain a Super Tier weapon or item. A level may also be spent to achieve an Ultra Tier weapon or item, but one must RP to get this item first.

The items or weapons are separated into two Tiers.

Super Tier- A super tier weapon or equipment has only one special property. Each player can have up to 5. 

Ultra Tier- An ultra tier item is an extremely powerful variant. An Ultra Tier can casually cut or smash through anything not charged with ki, or legendary itself. The only metal not to fall to the destructive power of ultra weapons are Katchin. Ultra Tier Weapons and Items may have up to 2 special properties. In order to fully take advantage of an Ultra Tier, they must have up to 3 levels spent on it. 1 Level to obtain the weapon or item, and 2 others for the 2 special properties. Each player can have a maximum of 1.