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Rank Upgrade List

The following rank upgrades have no pre-requisites, meaning they are stand alone RUs. Note that in many cases, the feats listed are not the only ones that may be taken under a RU, they simply represent current feats or those proposed by others that have made it onto the page.

All information about special weapons and equipment.

Transformations that boost your Strength, Speed, and Ki Power.

The ability to fuse with another person to make yoursleves more powerful.

The ability to create different objects with the usage of Ki, such as spears and swords.

The ability to drain and take away Ki from ones opponent.

The ability to suck away the health points of ones opponent.

The ability to heal thyself and others.

The ability to use Ki for Heat or Fire purposes. 

The baility to use Ki for Ice or Cold Purposes.

The ability to use Ki to defend yourselves with barriers/shields.

Allows the user to use poison debuffs on an opponent.

This RU is for Cybernetics i.e. The fushion of biology and technology to make one stronger or more ffective in comabt.

The ability to use use Magic.