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Here are the list of races and a basic summary of their perks and abilities.


The proud warrior race! The Saiyans reside in Planet Vegeta. Read more about them here. Saiyans have access to the zenkai abilitiy, where in the last 25% of their health, they get a +2 stat boost in strength, speed and ki power.


The inhabitants of Earth! Humans are generally more intelligent than the other races, and as such, they gain 1 extra super move upon starting. Read more about them here.


The robotic creations of Earth. Androids have a refined ki drain ability, in which they can actually take ki for their own, unlike other races. For ever ki attack they are hit with, they gain a 15% of it's ki points. Androids may later take more direct ki drain abilities. Read more about them here.


The proud race of demons! They make their home in Planet Namek. Namekians can regenerate their bodies passively as long as their brain is intact. However, they still lose health points and will pass out. Read more about them here.

Frost Demons

The cold tyrants of the universe! They make their home on Planet Artic. This race can survive in any environement and live through even the gravest of injuries. Though they still will pass out when their health reaches 0. Read more about them here .


The pink demons of magic! They make their home on Planet . This race can do incredible body manipulation such as elongating, liquifying, and controlling detached parts of their bodies. Read more about them here.

Race of Hera

The superpowered race! They make their home on Planet Hera. They are particularly toxic, and for every strength based hit, if they can react to it, they can drain 5% of the opponent's health. Hera's will later be able to achieve more health draining abilities. Read more about them here .

Other Races

Of course, there are many other races in the Dragonball Universe! Any custum ones made, or ones we did not include will go under this category. All other races will recieve an extra 4 stat points. (If you think there is a major race I skipped over, and should be added as its own, send your idea to the mod mail!)