Queen Esparus is the Queen of all Saiyans. She is also known as the Legendary Super Saiyan and one of the most powerful people in the universe.


Queen Esparus is a tall Saiyan, who actually has a rather skinny physique. In her early days, many people underestimated her due to this, a mistake they later regretted. Her hair is long, reaching down to her knees, and she is never seen without her armor on. Her disposition gives off a very no-nonsense vibe, but she has shown the typical battle craze of a Saiyan Warrior. 

Unlike the other Super Saiyans, Queen Esparus's hair turns a bright green when turning Super Saiyan, showing her Legendary Super Saiyan status.


Queen Esparus is surprisingly not arrogant for her position. But she does emit an air of natural superiority over others. Commanding, ruthless and always ready to get the job done, Esparus is highly against discrimination based on birth, and is instead an advocate of discrimination based on power.


Queen Esparus was born into a low class Saiyan family, into a nameless clan. She was often with her parents, caught in the cross-fire of several clans warring against each other. She, however, was special. She was born with a power level of 15,000 as a baby, and it was with her help that she was able to save so many people when the clans warred against each other. Growing to hate the fights, all she saw all day was the Great Apes tearing each other apart. It was when her parents were killed when she first became a Super Saiyan and massacred many of the apes there. But it wasnt quite enough, and that was the day that she unlocked her status as the Legendary Super Saiyan.

In her twenties, she decided to unite the nameless clans together and birthed a Super Saiyan army. Leading them quickly to victory, she quickly eliminated the clan power structure, and created the Saiyan Empire, with her serving as the empress. under her rule, she reached power levels unheard of in any kind of Saiyan. No one can even come close to challenging her power in the entire Planet of Vegeta.

Rank Ups

Level 1- Beginner: Special Weapons
Level 7- Adept: Legendary Super Saiyan
Level 14- Enhanced: Fullpower Super Saiyan
Level 21- Master: Legendary Super Saiyan 2
Level 28- Supreme: Legendary Super Saiyan 3
Level 35- Ultimate: Mastered Super Saiyan 3


Total Stats: 34
Strength 0
Speed 0
Ki Level 0
Ki Power 0
Endurance 0
Banked: 0
Health: 100
Ki Points: 50


Number of Levels: 50
Banked Levels: 0
Approval: NPC

1. Ability Type - Ability Name - Your super move goes here! (Ki Cost here, damage here)

2. Ability Type - Ability Name - Your super move goes here! (Ki Cost here, damage here)

3. Ability Type - Ability Name - Your super move goes here! (Ki Cost here, damage here)

Zenni Earned: 0
Zenni Owned: 0


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