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Oniko when mad

Oniko is a Hera part of the Royal Family


Oniko has teal skin and short purple hair, usually reaching at maximum to her shoulders. She is commonly seen in a white dress, though it often tears or is destroyed when she engages in battle. Her dresses commonly hide it, but in terms of figure, she is well endowed, making her desirable to some humans.

As a Hera, Oniko gives off a natural, toxic aura, which would make most non-ki charged humans fatigued or sick. Most other beings are able to resist it without too much effort, but notice it's toxic qualities.


Oniko is cold, calculating, and quick to think of a solution that will give her the most benefit. Though she can easily put on a fake persona, Oniko by herself would be considered as a potential threat to almost anyone. Her speach level is polite and rarely shows signs of arrogance. She is not above praising her enemies and knows her limits. 

Main Theme: Crashed Frigate Entrance

Battle Theme: Voluptous Gloria


Oniko was born as a mere peasant in the world of Hera, but her anger and mastery of Ki put her far above the rest. Able to match the power of even some members of the Royal Family, this intrigued the Emperor, but made many of the women next in line to be Empress jealous. The 17th Heirress challenged her to put her in her place, but Oniko quickly defeated her, and declared herself as the new 17th Heirress. Although this would normally be illegal, the Emperor found this interesting and declared that her declaration stands, but she will have to prove herself as a truly powerful being to not only him, but to other Races to truly make herself the 1st Heiress. Oniko angrily agreed, and now seeks to prove herself by any means necesary.

Rank Ups

Level 1- Beginner: Hera Health Drain
Level 7- Adept:
Level 14- Enhanced:
Level 21- Master:
Level 28- Supreme:
Level 35- Ultimate:


Total Stats: 34
Strength 10
Speed 8
Ki Level 7
Ki Power 4
Endurance 5
Banked: 0
Health: 150
Ki Points: 85


Number of Levels: 3
Banked Levels: 0
Approval: [catgirl64 4/13/14]

1. Health Drain - Contact Thread - After obtaining physical contact with the enemy, the user creates several Ki threads that connect and wrap around the user. This drains their health and gives it to the user. (40 KP, Drains 60 HP)

2. Super Move - Out of the Way - A shockwave blasts from around them, coming directly from the user. Strength based, the user cannot control its trajectory. (20 KP, 30 Damage)

3. Super Move - Disruption - Purple Ki forms around the user's arms and they use a direct contact blast against them. (40 KP, 60 Damage)

Zenni Earned: 0
Zenni Owned: 0



Total EXP: 0
Total Banked EXP: 0
EXP Obtained This Week: 0
Reset Day: