The Namekians are a proud race from the Planet Namek. They act as peace keepers for the universe, travelling and bestowing the Dragonball's wishes to those they deem worthy.


The Namekians are known for their peaceful nature and, more importantly, the Dragonballs. These magical artifacts allow nearly any wish to be granted. Every 20 years they send an escort to planets they deem worthy to create Dragonballs to further that planet's development. This is known as the Universal Peace Foundation. To maintain their purity of heart, they are divided into the pure hearted and those of a darker nature. The darker namekians are normally imprisoned into a seperate "dimension", using technology the Namekians found on a mysterious planet. These darker Namekians have recently been murdering their good counterparts, causing large amounts of corruption within the UPF. With such dark times afoot, the Namekian race who has tried to do so much good for the people of the universe are now crumbling from the inside.


Namekians, like Saiyans, are a naturally strong, well developed race. But many of the old and powerful ones are able to creat Dragonballs. Magical objects able to grant wishes upon activation. Namekians also have a variety of other abilities, but their most prominent ones is their regeneration. As long as their core remains, Namekians can regenerate any part of their bodies.

Nameks can increase their muscle mass at will in order to fight at greater strengths than they are normally capable of. Typically their size increases too, but this is a purely optional part of the transformation.

Namekian Transformations

Great Namek - The Namekians use their ki to increase their muscle mass, resulting in an increase in power, speed, strength, everything. This requires Ki to maintain, but the power it gives makes it well worth it.

Fusion 1 - A namekian can fuse with another namekian to give a permanent increase in power, without the usage of Ki.

Super Namek - Muscle mass is increased further granting even more power. This brings a Namekian on par with other races' secondary transformation. This uses even more ki however.

Ultimate Namek - The Namekian's muscle mass is increased to the extreme, granting incredible power but at the cost of an unholy amount of ki. As such, the form can normally only be maintained for a short amount of time.

Fusion 2 - Another Namekian is fused with the original to further increase their power and ability to stay transformed for longer.

Namekians in the Universe

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