Kaioshin (Misc. Race)

Mrokeii is a Kaioshin, one of the deities of the universe. He is small in stature with purple skin and white hair. He wears the traditional Kaioshin robes with a Potara earring on each ear.


Being a Kaioshin, Mrokeii is pure of heart and does his best to help the inhabitants of the universe. He is normally calm, collected and polite. However, even he has his flaws. He can be temperamental under pressure and sometimes a little lazy. He is clearly not yet ready to accept his full responsibility as a Kaioshin. Despite this, he is eager and keen to impress his superiors. He genuinely does care for the people of the universe and works hard to protect them.


In the Other World, there is a planet known as Planet Kaishin. At any one time, the population of this planet is normally about 80. The Kaioshin are born from the planet's native Kaiju trees. Ordinary Kaioshin are born from the plain fruit of the tree. Every so often, a golden fruit will be produced by the tree. These bear the Supreme Kaioshin, a special race destined to look after the universe. Mrokeii is one such being. Before he can hold any position of power however, he must prove that he is capable. And so, 22 years after his birth, he is sent to the planet known as Earth. It would appear the mortals are arguing among themselves. Mrokeii is tasked with surveying the situation and doing everything in his power to stop it.

Rank Ups

Level 1- Beginner: Magic
Level 7- Adept:
Level 14- Enhanced:
Level 21- Master:
Level 28- Supreme:
Level 35- Ultimate:


Total Stats: 38
Strength 5
Speed 7
Ki Level 10
Ki Power 10
Endurance 6
Banked: 0
Health: 160
Ki Points: 100


Number of Levels: 3
Banked Levels: 0

[catgril64 4/13/14]

  1. Invisible Eye Blast - Mrokeii fires invisible blasts from his eyes. [20KP, 30 damage]
  2. Ki Spheres - In each hand Mrokeii forms a sphere of pure ki which he then throws at the opponent. [30KP, 50 damage]
  3. Hellzone Grenade - The user fires a large amount of energy spheres into the air and, with a wave of his hand, brings them all back down to earth onto the opponent. [40KP, 60 damage]

Zenni Earned: 0
Zenni Owned: 0

Items: None


Total EXP: 0
Total Banked EXP: 0
EXP Obtained This Week: 0
Reset Day:





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