This page governs the Magic Materialization Rank Up

Object Creation

Magic Materialization is the usage of Ki to create objects and weapons. These objects and weapons can harm normal users, because they require Ki to maintain. To keep these objects around, ki must be spen to maintain them. To create specific objects, you must spend a level on that type. For example, if you want to make a sword, you must spend a level on Sword making ability.

User's can passively make some objects, like cloathes, chair and hourglases. They do not require any ki cost.

Object Costs

The amount of Ki needed to create these objects depends on the size.

Smaller Objects (Swords/Spears) - 10 KP/ 5 KP per round

Man Sized Objects (Coffins, large cubes) - 20 KP / 10 KP per round

House Sized Objects - 40 KP / 10 KP per round

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