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Name: Hana (number 21)

Age: 19

Race: Android 

Height: 5'07

Weight: unknown

Hair: half red half pink 

Eyes: green 


Hana is very kind and helpful. she often has the innocence of a child and smiles alot.

she acts human as possible and wont let others know what she really is unless she has to. 


hana was a creation of a great scientist in a foreign land. what he did was highly illegal but he believed his creation was worth the risk. because of this she sees the man as her father and for most of her life protected him. when he died she promised him to live her life and protect others. she went into highschool and posed as a student in order to be more used to people. she knows many human customs and sayings quite well because of this. many didnt and still dont know what she is because of this.

Rank Ups

Level 1- Beginner: Cybernetics
Level 7- Adept:
Level 14- Enhanced:
Level 21- Master:
Level 28- Supreme:
Level 35- Ultimate:


Total Stats: 34
Strength 7
Speed 10
Ki Level 5
Ki Power 6
Endurance 6
Banked: 0
Health: 160
Ki Points: 75


Number of Levels: 3
Banked Levels: 0
Approval: 4/13/14 Approved Oniko

  1. Chainsaw Hands - User deploys chainsaws to replace their hands temporarily (10 kp)
  2. Rocket Punch- User launches their arm at the enemy (10kp, 20 dmg)
  3. Explosive Head- Hana removes her head and hands it to the enemy. it then explodes and a new one takes its place.  (20kp, 30 dmg)

Zenni Earned: 0
Zenni Owned: 0



Total EXP: 0
Total Banked EXP: 0
EXP Obtained This Week: 0
Reset Day:





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