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This is the page governing the fusion dance.

Fusing between Characters

Two characters may fuse only if have the Fusion Dance Rank Upgrade. Fusing takes 1 turn to perform, and it may be interrupted by the opponent. A fusion lasts at total of 3 turns, and afterwards they come out in the same condition they fused in. Fusion works by the two characters having their stats added to each other, and they gain both of their abilities. However, in order for the Fusion Dance to work, any stat higher than the other person fusing will be brought down to the other characters level. For example: If Person A is fusing with Person B, and Person A has a strength of 6 and Person B has a strength of 4, Person A will have their strength lowered to 4 so that the fusion may happen, making the fusions strength 8 instead of 10. 

A fusion can only happen once per fight.