Dragon Ball Legacy Wiki

The following moves are known by everyone, and can be performed by any character, without having to use a level for it. All of these moves have no Ki Cost.

Basic Hand to Hand Combat / Basic Ki Blasts:

In battle, two of the pivotal stats for offense are Strength and Ki Power. Strength determines the damage level behind hand to hand combat, and Ki Power deterines the damage level behind basic ki blasts.

Strength/Ki Power Damage
5 5
10 10
20 20
30 40
40 60
50 80
60 100

Hand to Hand Combat and Basic Ki Blasts do not cost any Ki Points, but both can be easily countered by the other. Basic Ki Blasts can be swatted away if they have a higher strength than the user's ki power. And Basic Ki Blasts can be used to counter hits from strength if the ki power is higher than the attacker's strength.

Other Techniques:

  • Flight - The user can take to this skies and fly across the landscape
  • Teleportation - The user can teleport, but it is not instant transmission. The teleport is still only as fast as their speed, and they can only teleport areas where they can see
  • Kiai- The user can cause a invisible ki blast to knock people away or blow things away. It is always trumped by other ki attacks however. 
  • Superhuman Durability - Anything not created or charged with Ki is useless against each user, as it will sooner break of against the skin than puncture it. Concussive forces such as explosions can harm the user however.