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Atlas is a nice young man. He uses his critical and strategical view to get past his opponents. He is still a good fighter even though he likes to use his mind to defeat his opponents more than his fists.


Atlas is a rather tall young man. He is bald and has brown eyes. He is an Angel and he has massive white wings and a halo he wears. He wears a black undershirt and a blue and red vest on top of it. He also wears half sleeves that cover his forearms. He wears a matching tunic and black pants and knee high boots. [+4 to stas for misc. race]


Atlas is smart, upbeat, and calculating. He doesn't like to fight for the sake of fighting but is not afraid to fight when it is needed and killing those who stop him from achieving his goals. He dislikes stupid and rude people.


Atlas lived at home as a child with his sister. One day her sister left and he had no idea where she went or why she left. He then left home as well because wants to find his sister. He has tried following her but has come up short, he continues to follow her around, trailing her with little clues and trails she had left behind.

Rank Ups

Level 1- Beginner: Magic Materialization
Level 7- Adept:
Level 14- Enhanced:
Level 21- Master:
Level 28- Supreme:
Level 35- Ultimate:


Total Stats: 38
Strength 4
Speed 10
Ki Level 9
Ki Power 9
Endurance 6
Banked: 0
Health: 160
Ki Points: 95


Number of Levels: 3
Banked Levels: 0
Approval: [catgirl64 4/13/14]

1. Magic Materialization- Create Javelin- Atlas raises his hand over his head and creates a javelin and sends it flying at the target [10 kp, 20 damage]

2. Magic Materialization- Bubble Shield- Atlas creates a bubble of magic energy around him to act as a shield, he can also use this bubble to shield objects or other targets. [30kp, non damaging.]

3. Magic Materialization- Hand of Fate- Atlas fires a strong beam of condensed magic from his fist at his target to pierce right through them! [40kp 60 damage]

Zenni Earned: 0
Zenni Owned: 0



Total EXP: 0
Total Banked EXP: 0
EXP Obtained This Week: 0
Reset Day: